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Sectorwise stock analysis

Sectorwise stock prices and moves is the page where you get the details about start and close prices
of all the stocks by the end of previous trading session in a particular sector. The details are sorted by price percent move in a descending order
(highest moves at the top). If you are looking for the stocks in a different sector, click on the Sector specific page icon again to get a list of the sectors. If you are not sure of the sector and would like to search based in comapany name, visit company specifi page


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Company details:

52 Week Low of Gppl is 114.45. Currently the stock is trading .26% from 52 week low price
52 Week High of Gppl is 164.8. Currently the stock is trading 30.37% from 52 week high price

As of the end of trading session on 19-Jun-2018
Open Price was: 117.00  Closed at: 114.75  Number of trades 99  Number of shares traded 4328
Detailed movement for 15 days looks as below:

By the end of previous trading session -  Close of 19-Jun-2018 (One day) moved by -00.30%
 (Three days) moved by 00.00%
 (Seven days) moved by 00.00%
 (Fifteen days) moved by 00.00%

Recent historical pirces and volume data:

DateClose PriceVolume
19-Jun-2018 114.75 4328
18-Jun-2018 115.1 4609
07-Mar-2018 137.2 770094
06-Mar-2018 136.6 27344
12-Feb-2018 146.3 1116656

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-- Praveen Gandluri